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Georgia Medical Weight Loss Center / Athens Medical Clinic provides patients with healthy, medically-sound methods to lose weight and get fit. While each patient is presented with the same core program structure, no two plans are identical. Every patient possesses unique physical and motivational characteristics that require a unique weight loss plan. Because we believe that each program should be developed with the patient at the center, each plan is personalized accordingly.

We are equipped with instruments to measure body fat, water content and muscle mass. Each of the customized weight loss programs are based on the patient’s particular needs.


Weight Loss Programs & Plans


Personalized for Each Patient

Georgia Medical Weight Loss Center / Athena Medical Clinic provides a core program structure; no two plans are the same. Because patients are unique with your own personal physical and motivational characteristics, the program has each one as its center, which is why the program works!


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Program Structure

The basic structure of the program consists of three phases: Quick Start, Transition, and Maintenance. Within each phase there are four basic areas: food, exercise, behavioral counseling, and prescription medication.

Quick Start

During the Quick Start phase the food component of the program consists of a low-calorie diet that is only prescribed by a medical doctor. The patient is provided with the high-nutrient foods designed for rapid, safe weight loss. With behavioral counseling, the patient learns they have more control than originally believed. Dr. Das may provide fat burning injections to enhance rapid weight loss.

Transition phase

In the Transition Phase, the patient has lost weight and may notice a difference in how they feel and look. Dr.Das will continue to prescribe a nutritional low-calorie diet but the patient also starts to add more of the usual food back into their daily routine. Our low-calorie home meals make this phase even easier. Dr.Das continues to monitor the activity levels and to counsel the patient on making sound, health decisions.

Maintenance phase

The patient has reached their personal weight loss goal by the time they begin the Maintenance Phase. They are more active, enjoy smarter meal choices, may be off some prescribed medication to treat a chronic condition – all of which lead to a healthier life. During this phase the patient may be provided appetite suppressant therapies to curb the urge for hunger.