What to Expect

3 Easy Steps to a Personalized Plan



Medical History

The first visit focuses on the doctor asking for the patient’s medical history, including prescriptions or over-the-counter medications being taken. It’s very important for the doctor to understand the patient’s overall health when designing their personalized plan.


Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

Next, the patient will be asked to step on a special scale that will give a total analysis of the percentages of fat, muscle, and water in your body. Resting metabolism and blood pressure will also be recorded. This gives a baseline of where to begin the weight loss plan.


Consultation With the Doctor

After reviewing the medical history and BCA results, the doctor will talk with the patient to get to know them better. It is important for the patient to open up about weight loss goals and challenges. In order for the doctor to design a personalized plan, he needs to know everything about the patient. At the end of the visit, the patient will have a fully individualized weight loss plan. If it is decided to move ahead, not only will the patient be following a medically proven weight loss approach but they will also be building a relationship with their doctor who will be their greatest advocate throughout the process.