Blood Testing Can Help Us to Determine if You are Going Through Menopause

Posted on: April 16, 2018

We recommend that women visit us for blood testing work as they begin to experience menopause. Women can go through pre-menopause as early as their late 30s. As changes begin to take place in the body, it becomes necessary to understand what is happening and to take steps to improve and manage health as a woman ages. The best way to determine what changes are taking place within the body is to complete a blood test. This can alert us to the level of estrogen and other hormones in the body. It can also alert us to other health problems that could be causing symptoms completely unrelated to pre-menopausal menopause.

Knowing is half the battle

Many of the women who visit us for help do so because they feel different like there is something happening with their body but they are unsure of what or why. For example, some women visit us because they are suffering from constant fatigue that does not go away even after getting significant rest. A blood test can tell us if this fatigue is caused by anemia, for example.

Likewise, many women visit us who are pre-menopausal and gaining significant weight but are not sure what could be causing it. Sometimes, weight gain could be caused by a loss of estrogen where in other cases a thyroid condition could be responsible. These are things we can find out by completing a blood test.

A person's blood tells a story. It can let us know how healthy someone is, point out problems and help us to make an informed diagnosis. This makes blood testing an excellent place to start anytime someone is suffering from a health condition or changes to their body without a known reason. As we said, knowing is half the battle. After all, once we know what is happening with the patient, we can take the necessary steps to treat it.

Blood testing is convenient

Scheduling a blood test is relatively easy. The patient simply needs to make an appointment with the lab to have blood drawn. Afterward, we take care of the rest. Giving blood is relatively quick and the discomfort is minimal. When compared to other tests that can be highly expensive, invasive and time-consuming, giving blood is perhaps one of the easiest ways to have health problems or changes diagnosed.

Sometimes, patients are required to fast or maintain a particular diet prior to giving blood but in most cases, this is unnecessary. As a result, there is no prep work to having this test either.

Testing is affordable

Insurance will normally pay for blood testing, making it even more affordable. However, even if insurance does not pay for everything, this is one of the most affordable tests that a person can undergo. Especially when compared to expensive imaging scans, these tests can be insightful without the high price tag.

Are you suffering from an undiagnosed condition?

If the answer is yes, call our office to schedule an appointment right away. We can provide the assistance you need to begin recovering after completing the blood work to determine what is causing your physical challenges.