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Health Clinic


Health Clinic

Athens, GA

Treatments Provided

Athena Medical Clinic provides treatment for a variety of health issues in a comforting and caring environment. We also provide treatment and programs to help patients maintain a healthy status following the main treatment. As a medical clinic, Athena Medical Clinic can help patients address a variety of health issues by providing:


  • Geriatric treatment
  • Blood work
  • Sleep apnea treatment
  • Internal medicine



Team of Specialists

From the moment patients walk in the door, we provide a friendly and comfortable environment. Too often, people will mask symptoms of pain that are inconvenient with painkillers or other medications that do not actually treat the issue. By avoiding professional treatment, people only allow the symptoms to get worse and cause more pain.

While a physician can treat a fairly large amount of conditions, there are still many conditions which need a professional who specializes in a specific medical field to offer treatment. Especially if the condition worsens, a patient will need a specialist in that specific medical field. Athena Medical Clinic can help integrate care with specialists including:


  • Physicians
  • Sleep apnea treatment
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Electrocardiogram


Our team will work with the patient to provide the necessary treatment and care to begin a better life. As a health clinic, Athena Medical Clinic strives for more than just treating patients. We strive to help patients receive the necessary treatment and find a lifestyle that keeps them healthy. Following the initial treatment, we will create a plan to allow you to continue a healthy lifestyle and avoid the illness causing more pain in one’s life.

Since each patient is unique, we will provide a treatment plan customized to the patient’s needs. With any illness, there are multiple symptoms and ways in which the condition can wreak havoc on one’s body. While people can treat minor illnesses with over-the-counter medication, more severe cases need treatment from a professional. We will make sure to help each patient receive professional treatment, while also answering any questions along the way.

The Process

The treatment process can vary greatly, depending on the type of illness an individual is struggling with on a regular basis. The condition of the patient, the severity of the illness, how early on the patient receives treatment and if the patient sticks to the treatment are all factors that will determine the treatment process.

In other cases, a patient who is not consuming the proper amount of nutrients or is leading an unhealthy lifestyle will be at risk for the illness reoccurring in the future. At Athena Medical Clinic, we can help patients lead a healthy lifestyle following treatment and remain healthy in the future.

The treatment process may involve specific medication for a couple of weeks or something more complex, such as surgery. If surgery is necessary, we will cover all details and make sure the patient knows that he or she is in capable hands. Following the surgery, we will monitor the patient to ensure that everything goes smoothly and then prepare an after-treatment plan for the months ahead.

Working for a healthier life

We make sure to keep the patient involved with the treatment process at Athena Medical Clinic. Our goal is to avoid as much confusion as possible so the patient can focus on becoming healthier. After treatment, the patient will need to begin the process of living a healthier life.

While many conditions are treatable, they can return if the patient does not change his or her habits for the better. Athena Medical Clinic focuses on helping patients continue to live healthy lifestyles after treatment. By continuing the healthy habits we go over during treatment, patients will be able to lead better lives free of the pain. Starting healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle may be difficult without guidance. We are here to offer the necessary support to make the transition easier.

Our team will construct a plan for your needs and overall health condition. We understand that making changes to one’s lifestyle, even small ones, can be difficult. Thus, we will work with you to incorporate new and healthy habits into your current way of living. We encourage anyone to call if the symptoms of the previously-treated condition return.

With a personalized treatment program, we strive to help patients live a healthy lifestyle after treatment. If you are struggling with an illness and are in need of treatment, contact Athena Medical Clinic. Masking the symptoms with over-the-counter pain medication will only allow the condition to get worse. No matter the illness, the worse it gets, the longer the treatment will take. To begin the path to a healthier life, call our clinic at (706) 608-4072 and schedule an appointment today.


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