Signs that You May Need to Visit a Sleep Medicine Office

If you have difficulty sleeping, you snore or you constantly struggle to stay alert during the day, then you probably have a sleep disorder. This means you are due for an appointment with a board-certified sleep expert. Getting a diagnosis is vital to creating a strategy for improving your sleep and well-being.

The question here is: Who is a sleep medicine expert or sleep doctor? And what are the signs that you may need to visit a sleep medicine office?

Who is a sleep medicine expert?

Sleep medicine specialists are doctors who have gone through extra, specialized training in the area of sleep. Specifically in matters related to diagnosing and treating sleep issues. A board-certified doctor shows a high level of commitment to learning and understanding sleep and the part it plays in overall health. He or she is licensed to practice sleep medicine. Which is caring or treating patients of all ages dealing with different sleep issues.

The sleep problems may include:

  • Sleep Apnea (intermittent breathing while sleeping) and snoring
  • Insomnia (inability to fall or stay asleep)
  • Parasomnia (such as sleepwalking)
  • Sleep motion problems (such as restless leg syndrome)
  • Other related sleep conditions

Many sleep issues can have severe, lasting effects on health. A board-certified sleep doctor understands in detail the effects of sleep on the body and mental health. He or she will be able to create a strategy to help you sleep better. Which will enhance your quality of life and prevent other health issues.

Sleep physicians can recommend therapies such as medications and medical device treatments (including oral device therapy or CPAP for apnea). They can also direct patients to other specialists when necessary. For instance, cognitive behavioral therapy to aid insomnia patients or physical therapy to free up the airway and improve breathing.

Signs that you may need to visit a sleep medicine office

If you have dealt with sleep issues for a long time, visiting the sleep medicine office may be beneficial. The following are signs that you may have a sleep issue that requires a visit to the sleep specialist:

  • If you feel drained throughout the day, despite getting full night’s rest
  • If changing your sleeping pattern and surrounding is not making any difference to your sleep quality or duration
  • If you take excessive naps or pass out while performing daily tasks, such as driving
  • If you snore, gasp or choke while sleeping, or wake up daily with a sore throat
  • If you wake up with a headache, jaw pain or related pain
  • If you deal with uncontrollable sleep movements, actions or other patterns while sleeping, before sleeping or immediately after waking up (acts such as leg movements, sleep talking, sleep paralysis and sleepwalking). You may not be aware of these actions, but your sleep companion or family member may notice these events

In conclusion

There are several other likely symptoms, but the ones listed above are the most popular complaints patients with sleep disorder make when they visit the sleep medicine office. Immediately you observe any regular symptom or behavior, book an appointment. You will be doing yourself a huge favor by getting early diagnosis and treatment.

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