Visit Our Medical Clinic in Athens If You Suffer from Allergies

Posted on: March 16, 2018

We encourage you to visit our medical clinic in Athens if you are suffering from seasonal allergies. In the spring, many people suffer from allergies as the flowers begin to bloom and the world suddenly wakes up. Spring can be a beautiful time of year that many people wait all winter for.

Still, for anyone who suffers from allergies this season can also be incredibly difficult. Whether this means constant sneezing, drippy nose or headaches, allergy sufferers can find it difficult to spend time outdoors with friends and family. Sometimes, the symptoms are severe enough to even cause issues when spending most of the day inside. Fortunately, there are a variety of allergy medications that have proven to be incredibly effective and we can discuss them during a visit to our office.

First, we need to determine what a patient is allergic to

During the examination, we may recommend scheduling an allergy test to identify the allergens that are causing the adverse reaction. Sometimes, someone will assume that they are allergic to something common like pollen when they are actually allergic to something far more specific. Being armed with this knowledge is critical because it empowers patients to make proactive decisions about their health.

We also recommend having an allergy test to be inclusive of known food allergens. It is common for people to suffer from a food allergy without realizing it. This can lead to inflammation and a variety of symptoms ranging from gastrointestinal issues to general feelings of being unwell. If someone is living with constant food allergies and is also allergic to an airborne allergen, the two combined can create a miserable existence. Again, knowledge is power and understanding what a person is allergic to can help them take steps to avoid interactions with those allergens.

Finding the right allergy medication with help from our medical clinic in Athens

There are a variety of allergy medications on the market that are incredibly effective for preventing allergy symptoms and for managing them. Finding the right one can sometimes take time so we will work with patients closely until we have determined the exact medication that is going to provide effective results for preventing allergy symptoms.

If a patient does not want to start by taking a prescription medication for seasonal allergies, we can recommend a nasal spray. They are incredibly effective and should be used twice a day for maximum results. These sprays can help to clear up nasal passages so that a patient can breathe clearly. They are also safe for children and have no bad side effects.

Get outdoors and enjoy yourself

If you are looking forward to spring and want to enjoy being outdoors with friends and family, now is the right time to visit our office for an examination and just to discuss any allergies that you may be suffering from. It is possible to take proactive steps to limit the body's reaction to allergens which makes it possible to enjoy the great outdoors without harming your health. Learn more by scheduling an appointment today with our medical clinic in Athens.