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A Family Doctor Can Help You to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

We encourage you to make a New Year's resolution to visit a family doctor more often this year. Doing so could be the best way to improve your health.

Remember that things have changed

Very often, we speak with adults that are living with persistent health problems because they felt there is no way to treat them. In this case, we encourage patients to remember that modern medicine continues to evolve. Technology has led to an incredible amount of new discoveries in the field of medicine, Thus, even issues that did not have firm treatment plans in the past are often treatable conditions today.

Regardless of what the issue or condition is, it is important to continue visiting a family doctor to see if there are any new developments that can treat the problem.

Regular visits are important for everyone regardless of their age

It is often thought that adults do not need to have regular doctor appointments. However, these visits are extremely important. For example, heart disease typically does not start overnight. There are warning signs along the way like high blood pressure and high cholesterol that we can treat. By doing so, we can often reduce the likelihood of a patient ever suffering a heart attack.

There is no need to live with an illness

We invite patients to visit our family doctor office whenever they are feeling unwell or ill. Rather than suffering at home and taking over-the-counter medication, it is best to visit our office. It may be possible for us to prescribe medication to address the problem. For example, a regular cold cannot be treated with antibiotics but if it becomes a sinus infection, which it often does, we can prescribe medication to make it go away.

Also, things like an ear infection and strep throat can be treated with prescription drugs. The flu is another condition that a person can treat with prescription medication, even though many people are not aware of this fact. If a patient visits us quickly, we can prescribe the proper treatment and help the flu symptoms go away much faster. The key is to visit our office quickly so that we can provide help.

Give us a call

There are many things we can do to improve the health and life of our patients. To find out how we can help you, simply schedule an examination. We can discuss any health problems you are facing, what goals you have and then work toward a solution to improve your overall health.

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