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How to Find a Medical Care Provider Who Meets Your Needs

When it comes to medical care, selecting the right physician is incredibly important. Yes, all physicians must attend medical school and should have the same base knowledge. However, each physician chooses what they wish to focus on and how they want their practice to operate. Plus, it is possible to have a different outlook on aspects of medical care or treatment, such as whether or not to prescribe antibiotics. As a result, families should spend time getting to know local physicians and choosing one that fits with their preferences while also meeting their needs. If you are a family looking for a new doctors’ office, we encourage you to visit ours and meet with our physicians today. When visiting our office, or any physician, take the time to ask some basic questions, including the following:

#1 What hours is the practice open?

Not everyone can visit a doctor during regular business hours. If your family fits into this category, make sure that evening or weekend hours are offered occasionally. Even if they are only offered once per month, this creates the opportunity to schedule things like physicals and well checkups during a convenient time.

#2 Is a nurse available?

Some health questions can be answered over the phone by speaking with a nurse. Visiting a doctors’ office who offers this service can sometimes prevent the need to come in for an actual appointment. If one is necessary, it can be scheduled but if not, why come in?

#3 What insurance plans are accepted?

We accept most insurance, but it is still important to check. Sometimes people will have a particular policy that we, or any doctor, is not in-network for. Seeing an in-network doctor is the best way to keep medical costs under control. Going out of network can lead to insurance companies not paying anything for the visit and a patient bearing the entire financial responsibility. In other words – it is worth asking about. Also of note – if the insurance policy changes, be sure to check again.

#4 What types of services are provided?

Each doctors’ office is going to treat a particular patient group and offer different services. Not all offices are the same. It is important to find one offering the services that your family needs. We provide comprehensive medical care and are confident in our ability to provide both preventative care and treat illnesses. If there is something that we do not do, it is typically because patients would benefit from visiting a specialist who only deals with that area of the body or that particular issue, like a cardiologist for heart health.

#5 What ages are treated?

This is a critical question for anyone to ask because some offices only treat children while others only treat adults, with a third group treating both.

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