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Internal Medicine Doctor FAQs

How do you know when you should visit your Internal Medicine doctor? What is the difference between an Internal Medicine doctor and a Primary Care provider? With more and more options for healthcare emerging each day, it can be difficult to determine what choice is the best for you. If you encounter an unexpected injury or illness, it may be a good possible to see your doctor the same day.

What can be treated by an Internal Medicine doctor?

Most Internal Medicine clinics are staffed by the same types of providers you can see at any other primary care clinic. The following is a list of illnesses or injuries that can be treated by an Internal Medicine doctor:

When to see your primary care provider

Regularly seeing your primary care or internal medicine provider can help you avoid any nasty surprises, both in terms of your health and your bill!

Most insurance covers preventative care, including regular physicals or yearly check-ups. Additionally, when you regularly visit your primary care provider, they have a better chance of recognizing hereditary issues or trends. As a rule of thumb, it is a good idea to see your primary care provider for long-term or chronic health concerns because they are familiar with your medical history and can provide continuity of care. Here are a few other times when you should visit your primary care provider:

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