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Primary Care: Diabetic Counseling for Newly Diagnosed Patients

primary care doctor in a near family medical clinic should be the first place you turn for health care and treatment of sicknesses and disease. If your doctor recently diagnosed you with diabetes, you have a challenging but manageable road ahead. This is not a path you have to walk alone. Your PCP has the training and knowledge to give you proper advice and direction on how to cope with this condition. You will be in good hands if you follow your doctor’s directions.

What leads to diabetes?

Most people who have diabetes have type 2. There is a variety of factors that play a role in the development of this disease. Usually, a person’s lifestyle contributes to this condition. Genetics may also be involved. It is important for people to understand the most common causes so they can make the necessary changes to prevent it. Some of these include:

Other risk factors

Overweight people may be more prone to diabetes, but there are other culprits. Diabetes occurs more frequently in some racial and ethnic groups. African Americans, Alaskan Natives, American Indians and Pacific Islanders are among those more predisposed to this condition. Gestational diabetes can also affect pregnant women due to hormonal changes and diet.

Dietary help

primary care physician in a family medical clinic is concerned about a patient’s ability to cope with a diabetic diagnosis. However, it is possible to continue regular activities for people who live with this condition. One of the easiest things people can do is change the way they eat. A doctor can help develop a meal plan for the person and suggest healthier foods to eat each day. The doctor will regularly check in and see how well the patient is following the new regimen.

Exercise routine

A diabetic patient likely has not been physically active enough over the years. The doctor can help change that. The physician can discuss the person’s needs candidly and come up with some simple yet effective exercises. These exercises can help the person lose weight and improve insulin levels naturally.

Primary care doctor-prescribed medication

When diet and exercise are not enough to keep diabetes under control, the doctor may need to try another approach. Prescription medication may be the right approach to keeping insulin levels where they need to be, especially after meals. The patient will either take the medication orally or will inject it. The doctor will meet with the patient frequently to adjust the medication, if necessary, and to provide encouragement.

Life is not over

A diabetic diagnosis can be a shocking revelation to anyone. To maintain good health under these conditions requires significant changes to your routine and lifestyle. There is no need to despair, however. Your doctor is mindful of your challenges and frustrations. This professional will look after your needs and will give you the necessary tools and resources to be successful in handling this condition.

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