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Reasons To Visit a Medical Clinic

There are many reasons why people visit our medical clinic. We are a source of convenient medical care. Much like urgent care, our clinic allows people prompt service without necessarily having an appointment. If the situation dictates, it is always advisable to have an appointment since there is a guarantee and it can save the patient time.

It is also important to note that a medical clinic typically coordinates services with specialists and other hospitals in the area in order to provide more comprehensive care. Many people choose to come to our office for convenient and affordable services. Here are some of the primary reasons patients decide to come to a medical clinic on a daily basis.

Preventative medicine

With the growing cost of healthcare, many patients want somewhere they can go to get preventative care for their conditions. At our clinic, a primary care physician can evaluate things like immunization records to determine if anyone in the family needs booster shots or other injections.

In addition, we are a place where patients can work with a primary physician in order to manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes or gastrointestinal disorders. Our clinic provides a safe and holistic environment in which patients can deal with their medical conditions, with the help of a primary care physician, in order to stay in the best health possible.

It is also wise to get advice, directions, and referrals as necessary. For prescriptions, as well as over-the-counter medications, we will make recommendations on the most effective options.

Routine care

One of the great things about medical clinics is their ability to provide patients with ongoing routine care. Routine exams are part of routine care and can include annual physical examinations, booster shots and conducting specific physicals for people who have a job or sports-related need.

Very often, students will come to a clinic in order to get the examination, so that they can sign up for a sports team. Similarly, people who are looking to get into certain professions, or need an annual examination to continue in their profession, also will come to the clinic.

When it comes to routine care, our clinic covers the variety of different examinations and needs. These include reproductive health examinations for women, cancer screenings and even blood draw as necessary.

Acute care

If a person is in an emergency situation, it is always recommended that they dial 911 or go into an emergency room. However, very often people have medical problems that do not rise to the level of needing to go to the ER. Common conditions include a migraine headache, a muscle or ligament sprain, the flu or a respiratory infection. We can address any and all of these conditions at our medical clinic.

Unexplained fevers, cold sweats or minor injuries like lacerations are all part of the repertoire of our clinic. The doctors at the clinic can also deal with minor invasive procedures. For example, if the patient has a boil or an abscess that we need to lance and drain, coming into our office is the best way to address this.

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