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What Can Be Learned From Blood Work

Anyone who needs blood work can receive it in our clinic. We offer comprehensive care to patients who want to improve their overall health, need assistance with a weight loss plan or want to improve their sleep. Many of our patients need blood work in order to determine if they are suffering from any underlying health conditions or diseases. By examining the blood, we can tell a lot about a patient's current and past health.

Here are a few of the things we can learn by testing the blood

For example, we draw blood from pregnant women to determine if they are suffering from prenatal diabetes. Someone who is at risk for a cardiovascular event may receive blood work to determine cholesterol levels.

Blood work checks see the number of red and white blood cells. This is one reason that having blood drawn regularly is a wise idea. People with cancer generally have fewer white blood cells, so this can be an early detection mechanism. Specific blood tests are designed to check for specific additions. A doctor will typically decide what type of blood work to run after reviewing the patient's condition in the examination room.

For example, a complete blood count can check for anemia where a basic metabolic panel can check for blood glucose and electrolyte levels in addition to seeing how the liver and kidneys are functioning. A lipoprotein panel may be run if a doctor is worried about a patient's risk for heart disease. This can check for good and bad cholesterol, as an example.

More than one test could be necessary

Sometimes, blood work needs to be repeated to ensure accuracy. If you have been to a different doctor, and blood was taken and you are alarmed by the results, we recommend visiting our clinic to have the test repeated. When we complete a test more than once, we can be confident in the accuracy of the result. This is true whether the initial test found alarming news or showed that a person is in perfect health.

We believe that each patient understands and knows their own body more intimately than a physician ever could. For this reason, it is important to trust your instincts and schedule an appointment with our clinic if you feel that you have received inaccurate or incomplete information elsewhere.

Discuss the results

Regardless of why a physician orders blood work, it is important to see someone who is willing to discuss results in detail. That is far better than looking up information online because each person is different. What is a normal range of results for one person is going to be abnormal for someone else.

We will go over the results of blood tests in great detail, explaining what they mean and their impact on the patient's future health. Our goal is to not only test to determine what issues there may be but then to make recommendations for how to treat them.

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