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Why Patients Prefer a Walk-In Medical Clinic

Wondering what a walk-in medical clinic is used for? Many people want help but do not want to sit in the emergency room. Going to the doctor's office is also not something that can be done if a primary care doctor is already booked for the day or closed for the night. Whatever the reason, a walk-in medical clinic can offer help to many people without an advance appointment.

What is a walk-in medical clinic?

A walk-in medical clinic provides medical care like a primary care physician would. However, it is not a regular doctor's office in that patients will typically still have a primary care physician. Simultaneously, this is not an emergency room, so patients with life-threatening conditions, like a heart attack, still need to head to the hospital. In our clinic, we see patients who have a variety of illnesses, conditions or other ailments. We can diagnose and prescribe medications and even provide preventive medicine, vaccinations and school physicals.

After-hours patients

Patients who miss their doctor's office hours or perhaps cannot get in to see them may visit this type of clinic. It gives patients a way to get quick, quality care for the issue they are having.

Patients with no primary care doctor

Those patients who do not have a primary care doctor often go to clinics as their only means of receiving healthcare. The clinic can provide the same quality of care that a doctor would give. A patient file is built as well, so the patient is welcome to come back.

Alternative health center

Using this center as an alternative health center and not going to an emergency room is a good idea. Many patients would rather not sit in an emergency room for hours if they have an ailment that is not serious and could be solved easily. These clinics can give the diagnosis and treatment within a fraction of the time it would take in an emergency room setting.

Quick treatment options

For those looking for a quick treatment option, the walk-in clinic is an ideal choice. Not only can they solve issues and treat them, but they can do so quickly. If patients would rather not sit around and wait, then these centers offer an excellent alternative to the other options in the area. In fact, this is why so many patients choose to visit our office. They know that we are a walk-in clinic with doctors and nurses who can see and treat them right away, without unnecessary delays.

Visit us for help

If you are facing a health problem, visit our clinic. We can conduct an examination, make a diagnosis, run necessary tests and determine the best way to treat you. Our providers are empathetic, thorough and caring, so you will feel comfortable.

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